Bangladesh is a densely populated country
with over 160 million people, among
whom 52 million constitute the civil labour
force.A well developed education and
training regime can make them active and
qualified to meet the demands of domestic
and foreign markets. At present ,there are
73 public and private university .These
Include General, Engineering Science
And technology, Medical & Agricultural
university. There are 27 government and
private medicale college,five dental
colleges and one nursing college and 44
nursing training institute.Apart from 77
politechnic institute, there are 66 commercial
institute, 3 technical training center, 24
textile vocational centers, 6 textile
institute, over 600 higher secondary level
business management institute,one glass
& ceramic institute,one leather technology
college, one textile college and several
thousand schools and colleges for general
The country has a surplus of education
and trained manpower in almost every
sector and discipline.Over the decades
Bangladesh exported a total of about one
million people under various category of
employment to the middle-east and other
countries. Apart from the middle-east
,malaysia, south korea and Taiwan,some
europian countries are also importing
manpower from Bangladesh. Professionals
including doctors, engineers, architects,
accountants and nurses are also recruited
from Bangladesh.


High productivity
Low wages
Trained manpower
Cheaper transportation
cost from Bangladesh to
middle east, south-east
esia and the far east
Frequent and quick flights
Close cultural affinity
Almost similar food habit
Discipline and obedience
of the worker
Knowledge of Arabic
and English