Affordable and capable human resource + Capital Management = Higher profit, faster expansion and desired level of development. Unfortunately, most of the rich capital countries are limited in their drive for faster expansion because of shortage of affordable human resource. We, at Azam Overseas, are fully aware of this equation. We realize that manpower plays a vital role in the overall uplift of the society and the economy of a nation. Bangladesh, being one of the labour surplus countries, has become over the last few decades, a major source of affordable labour for those countries which need disciplined work force in skilled, semi-skilled and Unskil led sectors of the economy. The crucial factor in supplying the right kind of work force for the highly competitive international market is the ability to understand the need of the client on the one hand, and to have the managerial infrastructure to select the right kind the people on the other. It is also important to monitor the workmanship of the workers for the best satisfaction of those who recruit them from our country.We have developed a comprehensive data bank which helps us in the monitoring the workforce in different sectors of the economy. We have also developed a highly skilled managerial infrastructure which is sensitive to the needs of our clients on the hand and possesses a deep understanding of the complex nature of selecting, recruiting, training and sending the right kind of people to meet the demanding needs for our clients on the other
hand. With our highly professional management team, we have already supplied different categories of human resource to a number of countries in the Middle East. Our performance earned us the reputation of being a reliable, credible, efficient and trustworthy company on which our clients can bank. Once we receive your enquiries we process them quickly and with single minded professional devotion. We take pride in doing a good job. As the right kind of workers are critical to your progress and performance, we feel that by being able to provide you the best service we actually become an active partner in your progress. Please allow us the opportunity of showing you the difference between doing job and doing a job well. Our company and its professional staff will always be at your service.